Key themes to consider when rebalancing your portfolio for the year ahead

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About this time each year, I take time to reflect on how my stocks portfolio has performed and what I’d like to do differently in the coming year. I also take time to understand new and emerging themes to position myself accordingly. Let’s just say, I do a horizon scan of the world ahead and in light of the view, I determine the shape of my portfolio so I can ride the waves and whether storms.

The Pandemic

Speaking of storms, like the rest of us, when planning at the end of 2019, neither the pandemic nor its impact featured in my plans. But resilience did. Given everything that I’ve witnessed in 2020, I can assure you that though my plan needed alterations, just having a plan was critical to my wellbeing. …

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Poem on Mindsets

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Vinita Ramtri I Photo Credit Brian P.

A poem on love and assumptions

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Vinita Ramtri i Photo by J. J. Jordan

A short poem about the inner demons we…

Three key reflections from my stocks portfolio

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I have an Excel file called ‘Stocks’.

I created this file in about 2014 when I started investing in stocks.

Over the course of the last six years, as I’ve grown my portfolio from humble start of £200 into what I deem a sizeable value, I’ve stuck to the same file over time.

Last night, I spent some time reading through some of its several little entries and here below are my top reflections.

1. I’ve Gained A Lot

The several hours of meticulous attention haven’t disappointed me.

Throughout this period, despite holding a day job and being a single mother besides pursuing passions such as writing, whether by portfolio value, knowledge or self-belief, there’s no other way to say this — I’ve come a long way. …

A little conversation between me and my son.

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Parents are surrounded by reminders of change and uncertainty. And so, we often try to seek out the right skills for our children so that they grow up better prepared for what’s to come. We want them to continue to thrive long after we’re no longer around to hold their hand.

From coding to creativity, finance to fashion, we wonder where the right mix of skills lies and what opportunities these qualities will be able to afford for our children. Children aren’t just naturally creative, they’re also a lot more innocent than this. …

True love can be selfish but for people to evolve, love must too.

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Remember the feeling when you first fell in love?

That moment when you looked into each others eyes and felt it’s where you belong. That moment when the world stood still as you stole your first kiss. That moment when everything was just so perfect that you wish you could hold on to it forever?

What wouldn’t we do to bottle those emotions?

That’s love for you.

Surreal and intoxicating, it’s also selfish and addictive. …

A closer look into Sony’s PS5 marketing strategy as it delights Londoners weeks before Black Friday

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Sony has been teasing its fans about the launch of its PS5 console for a while and finally, just weeks before BlackFriday, the PS5 is here. The product launched on 12 November 2020 in the US and then followed in other parts of the world by 19 November 2020.

While critiques have been very complementary of the enhancements to the console and Londoner’s loved its creative advertising, let’s take a moment to explore ideas behind advertisements.

Eric Lempel’s Promise

Rumours regarding the PS5’s launch go as far back as 2017 when fans were lining up at stores. Later, in an interview with Geoff Keighley, Sony’s Eric Lempel dispelled the rumour promising ‘we’ll let you know…it’s not going to happen at a minute’s notice.’ If the recent adverts are anything to go by, Lempel has truly delivered on this promise. …


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Coach, author, finance professional and single mum. I live in London, my heart lives in words.

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