Here’s a small scene from my fiction novel that I hope to release this year.

Sitting by window on a mild morning in London, as I reach another major milestone of my novel, I thought that now might be a great point to share more of the book with you.

So for today, here’s a full scene. Whether you read this as a page from my book or a piece of my soul, please be gentle.

For a little bit of context, Tara is an adult, Ria and Simran are children and Neha is a baby. It’s only an unedited draft so it will go through rounds of tidying up as books usually do. …

Why humans love being in love?

Vinita Ramtri I Photo by J J Jordan

As they say, love makes the world go round — and why not?

There are billions of us on the planet and if there’s a person out there who can make us feel that extra bit special, then why not? Though we all define and understand love differently, I’m yet to meet a person who’d say no to being loved up. As a hopeless romantic, I’ve lived, loved, longed, lusted, lost and yet, I still love the idea of being in love.

So what is it about love that keeps us coming back even…

There’s more to success than meets the eye

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I do an incredible lot and day-after-day, whether it be at work or in my various pursuits, such as writing and speaking, I show up and I deliver. It takes a lot of hard work and many of you are very kind. You respond, you interact, thereby making my effort feel worthwhile because at the end of the day, what matters most is the depth of the connection.

Yet many of you think that all I get is a ton of glory and that after one reaches a certain point, it’s all…

Vinita Ramtri i Photo by Mark Lovett

My effort to bring to life subtle nuances of successful societies

Vinita Ramtri i Photo by Michael Spring

Juggling my time between writing a novel and working a day job besides all else, there come moments when I ask myself why I’m writing a novel? Unlike the shorter posts and articles such as these, doing a full book of about 80,000 words, set in another time and another place, spells the long game and takes a whole different level of commitment.

It’s not just a case of word count. For someone obsessed with writing, that would be too easy. But this is different. Different because it’s not…

Thinking patterns that could be getting in the way of your progress

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Do you want to grow?

I suppose the response would be an instantaneous yes. We all want to grow in some form or another.

Do you have a dedicated plan for growth or a life coach?

Only about 5% of us write our plans for our growth and only about half a million of us have a real paid coach so I suppose most of us might be saying no to that one.

Considering we all want to grow then how is it that only so few of us show any real commitment to growth? Let alone tracking our goals, most of us can barely define them. And even if we need some help defining them, most…

A small story about gratitude

Quote by Vinita Ramtri

I often write on LinkedIn and recently shared a post that I was really feeling the pressure of the London lockdown combined with issues such as my hob not working.

We went the full week without hot food and not that I was asking for anything, if anything, my piece was about resilience and getting on with determination. I wrote it and simply got on with life.

However later in the week, when I called my mom in India, she told me that one of my aunts in Dubai had read my post.

My aunt…

When you’re both a runner and thinker, and your thoughts run as much as you do

Some days I’m running in the park looking around.

Sometimes listening to something or putting stuff on pause while I need to listen to my own mind and connect the dots between what I’ve heard and what I know already.

As I process all the input, I have an urge to create, construct, craft an output. – perhaps write up, a diary entry or a post. Who knows which path I’ll take.

So in the moment, I must stop running and start writing or recording.

I wonder if this is lack of focus or too much of it — intense…

If progress equates to happiness, why aren’t humans getting happier despite progress?

Vinita Ramtri I Photo by Brian P

Often we see pieces of writing that offer solutions — solutions to get more fit, solutions to live a more fulfilled life, solutions to get out of toxic relationships and so on. We all want solutions. More solutions. Better solutions. Faster solutions. Because at the end of the day, we believe that the progress in terms of better, faster, cheaper — will make us all happier. And in our pursuit of happiness, we chase progress.

First, let me be clear that I have no problems with progress and I think aspiration is a cool emotion. We weren’t born just to…

Vinita Ramtri

Coach, author, finance professional and single mum. I live in London, my heart lives in words.

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