Here’s a small scene from my fiction novel that I hope to release this year.

Sitting by window on a mild morning in London, as I reach another major milestone of my novel, I thought that now might be a great point to share more of the book with you.

So for today, here’s a full scene. Whether you read this as a page from…

Thinking patterns that could be getting in the way of your progress

Do you want to grow?

I suppose the response would be an instantaneous yes. We all want to grow in some form or another.

Do you have a dedicated plan for growth or a life coach?

Only about 5% of us write our plans for our growth and only about half a million of us have a real paid coach so I suppose most of us might…

Vinita Ramtri

Coach, author, finance professional and single mum. I live in London, my heart lives in words.

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