Counting Your Blessings

A small story about gratitude

Quote by Vinita Ramtri

I often write on LinkedIn and recently shared a post that I was really feeling the pressure of the London lockdown combined with issues such as my hob not working.

We went the full week without hot food and not that I was asking for anything, if anything, my piece was about resilience and getting on with determination. I wrote it and simply got on with life.

However later in the week, when I called my mom in India, she told me that one of my aunts in Dubai had read my post.

My aunt didn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘hob’ (I suppose it’s a very british word) and got really worried and so she’d phoned my mom to check that I was okay.

Now I’m sat here wondering what to make of this?

One thing is for sure. My family reads what I write so I must be careful :)

Jokes apart, while sitting alone in our homes, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how many people care for us. But simply because we don’t see them around doesn’t mean we’re forgotten.

So when counting our blessings, although it’s hard to see and measure positive vibes that flow our way, we need to count them in.

I always feel an abundance of energy coming at me and sending me immense positivity. With that conversation, I even got proof that these vibes truly do exist. So take a moment to tune-in to them.

A moment to receive positivity and to send some. Here’s me sending you a ton of positive vibes.

Coach, author, finance professional and single mum. I live in London, my heart lives in words.

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